Saturday, April 25, 2009

Siam National Flags - Documenting Siamese vexilology

The Kingdom of Siam has a great Vexilology, second to none in the History of the world in the amount of variations to one flag existent. The Siamfoundation project is now documenting this topic here and shall be presenting synopses of the Siam Flag heritage in all its facets; be it historical, folklore, military, naval, royal, governmental, consular or artistic perspectives. This project hopes to complete it's mission and arrive at a complete and comprehensive research database of Siames Vexilology by the end of 2009. Please visit the blog regularly to witness the growth in content material as the webmaster progresses in his publication of the various aspects of Siamese vexilology. We hope that this informational reasearch database will prove useful to you, our interested readers.

Welcome to Siam Flag Project on!

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  1. i hope you like this new project.. please comment to inspire me to continue as im not even sure that English speaking world is interested in this matter.